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craft beer, simple yet inspired cuisine, electronic music craft, fresh and holy


the la textil collective is a unique space in the heart of barcelona. founded by our brewer, distiller and keeper of the culture, brian blazek, we are a ragtag, eclectic group of weirdo professionals who are crazy enough to believe that we can make everything we sell. and, except for the wine and most of the spirits, we do.


the collective consists of our bar where you can enjoy some of our house-made, award-winning craft beers, natural sodas, or specialty coffees. we make everything from scratch, and we try to incorporate ingredients from both the kitchen and the brewery when designing our beverages, ensuring originality and unique combinations. 

oh, and we have a terrace too.

if you're interested in renting our space for a private event or event, please complete this form, and we will get back to you within one day. 

la textil collective

la textil collective events
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